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a helper for url querystrings
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Django Url Helper

Helper function and template tags for dealing with numeric url query strings in Django.


  1. pip install django_url_helper
  2. Add django_url_helper to your INSTALLED_APPS
  3. You're all set!

Basic Usage

In templates: put {% load url_helper %} on top of your template. given a variable in template url which resolves into The following steps are applied and demostrated in order.

  1. Applying {% add_param url 'page' '1' %} would resolve into
  2. Then, {% toggle_param url 'page' '1' %} would toggle off the page=1, resolving into
  3. Then, {% toggle_param url 'page' '1' %} would toggle on the page=1 , which would resolve into
  4. Then, {% reset_param url 'k' '2' %} would reset k to value 2, resolves to
  5. Then, {% remove_param url 'k' '2' %} would remove any k=2 query string in target url. In our case this would resolve into
  6. Finally, {% purge_param url 'page' %} would remove any query string with key page, this will give us


Tests are ran using pytest, any contibutions are welcomed.

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