A scientific tool from the mathematical physics.
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Scientific program from the field of mathematical physics! Initiates beware.
Written in Haskell.
A program accompanying my diploma work from the university. 

Task raised was as follows.
Suppose we have a explosion charge buried in the soil. We need to determine the form of crater left after the explosion. That's all, really, but this question isn't a simple one.

The trick used in this model is that explosion is seen as a flow of ideal liquid. Details are in my theses in article/ subfolder, but it's in Russian, sorry about that. %) Article is in LaTeX format, should compile well in any environment.

For chart generation app uses Chart package.

In far future this will be a generic library for modelling many different process as liquid flows. Current physic works used this model for examination of processes of explosion, filtration and Electrochemical engineering.

STATUS @ 2011.09.25 20:07
Program is buildable through 'make tkotlyar' in program/ subdirectory and when called from program/bin/AFCALCKotlyarTests produces masses of charts in program/img/full/ and program/img/simple/ subdirectories.

1. Cabalize the utility components of AFCALC: AFCALC.Integrator module and Theta module. Place them under the Math category.
2. Write tests for every function present in the code.
3. Write three front-ends for the library: the 'Interactive' front-end, the 'Tests' front-end and the 'Inner tests' front-end.
4. Decouple Cn calculations from the model module to the AFCALC. So that model module will contain only dwdu, chi_0, f_corr and ModelParams definitions.

Estimated work: 100 hours.
Planned finish: October 2011.

2011-08-27: Program under heavy development and the results gotten are incorrect. I need to tweak the mathematics to be able to produce well-formed results first.

2011-09-24: Massive rewrite of the code was done. Now the math is double-checked and the program generates valid charts, according to model. So, only the refactoring is left. Yessss... %)