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DotNetMQ: A Complete Message Queue System for .NET

DotNetMQ is an open source Message Broker that has several features:

  • Persistent or non-persistent messaging.
  • Guaranteed delivery of persistent messages even in a system crash.
  • Automatic and manual routing of messages in a custom machine graph.
  • Supports multiple databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, and memory-based storage for now).
  • Supports don't store, direct send style messaging.
  • Supports Request/Reply style messaging.
  • Easy to use client library to communicate with the DotNetMQ Message Broker.
  • Built-in framework to easily construct RMI services upon message queues.
  • Supports delivering messages to ASP.NET Web Services.
  • GUI-based management and monitoring tool.
  • Easy to install, manage, and use.
  • Written entirely in C#.

See detailed documentation: