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Merge pull request #332 from Amikumar/patch-1

Disable Save Button after click on EDIT screeen
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hikalkan committed Mar 10, 2013
2 parents 1a540bc + bb61d8f commit 7bca4f19a43d591e675a70690fa18937c329a1ce
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@@ -2256,7 +2256,7 @@ THE SOFTWARE.
- var $saveButton = self._$editDiv.find('#EditDialogSaveButton');
+ var $saveButton = $('#EditDialogSaveButton');
var $editForm = self._$editDiv.find('form');
if (self._trigger("formSubmitting", null, { form: $editForm, formType: 'edit', row: self._$editingRow }) != false) {
self._setEnabledOfDialogButton($saveButton, false, self.options.messages.saving);

1 comment on commit 7bca4f1

Hi dude :)

Sorry to contact you here but as there is no message sytem on github ( or i din't find it ) and that i don't really know where to put it, i write it here and i hope you will see it ^^

So i'm using your Jtable and it's really nice thanks for that

My problem is the next, I wanna localize the title of my columns inside my jtable

For example now i have this

AddProtocol: {
title: 'Ajouter un Protocole',
type: 'list',
options : 'flform/code/AdminInvestigateursActions.php?action=GetProtocoles&UserId='+UserId,
edit: false,
list: false

As you see the title is in French but if my user is english I wanna "Add a protocol".

I already use the localisation for the rest of the Jtable but i can't figure out for Title, even for the name of the Jtable
example of a jtable name : title: 'Protocoles de l'investigateur '+NomInvestigateur,

Do you know a way to localize them ?

I use this to overide addNewRecord but isn't enough cause is to general ( by default, in english : addNewRecord : 'Add new record' and i wanna 'Add new Protocol'

messages : {
addNewRecord : 'Ajouter un protocole'

Can I do something like that :

messages : {
addNewRecord : 'Ajouter un protocole'
fields_ID_Title : "what a want"
fields_AddProtocol_Title : "Add Protocol" etc .. ?

I hope you will light me :)
Thanks in advance


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