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cascade drop down lists #94

hikalkan opened this Issue January 19, 2013 · 8 comments

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Halil İbrahim Kalkan Vygandas
Halil İbrahim Kalkan

I'm developing built-in cascade dropdown support for create/edit forms.


Nice! It will be very helpful.

Halil İbrahim Kalkan

See #63 (comment) for sample usage.

Halil İbrahim Kalkan

It's completed, will be released with v2.1.0

Halil İbrahim Kalkan hikalkan closed this January 22, 2013

hikalkan, could I please download nightly build of v2.1?
Because as it happens I now need that function so much!


Awesome! Thank you very much!
I'm testing it now, so far everything appears to work correctly.

One question though - can it depend on two parents at the same time?
I have this structure where lets say the country also depens on climate. So country has two simultaneous parents - continent and climate.
For now I just make a hybrid selection of joined combinations like "Warm New York, Warm Chicago, Cold Denver..."

I looked in the source code and I see that it works as there can be only one parent field. But I suppose it could be easily modified, yes?

Halil İbrahim Kalkan

:) You're too fast. I also thought it, that's why I used the name: dependedValues.CountryId. So, I'll implement this feature in the feature releases and it's not hard to do.


Ok, I'll be waiting for this feature! :)

Halil İbrahim Kalkan hikalkan referenced this issue from a commit January 25, 2013
Halil İbrahim Kalkan jTable v2.1.0
Added cascade dropdowns and creating dynamically option list support.
[#63, #94]
Added field options: dependsOn and optionsSorting.
Polish localization (by Grzegorz Zbucki). [#97]
Lithuanian localization (by Vygandas Šimkus). [#103]
Portuguese - Brazilian localization (by Renato Bigliazzi). [#129]
Fixed some issues.
Halil İbrahim Kalkan hikalkan referenced this issue from a commit January 30, 2013
Halil İbrahim Kalkan jTable v2.1.1
Multiple dependsOn support. [#94]
Enhanced option caching. [#63]
Portuguese - Portugal localization. [#142]
Chinese localization. [#103]
Fixed some issues. [#90, #28, #130]
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