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SCS - TCP Server/Client Communication and RMI Framework

What is SCS?

  • It is well documented open source server/client framework.
  • Allows remote method calls from client to server and from server to client easily. Can throw exceptions across applications.
  • Allows acynhronous or synchronous low level messaging instead of remote method calls.
  • It is scalable (15000+ clients concurrently connected and communicating while server has only 50-60 threads) and fast (5,500 remote method calls, 62,500 messages transfer between applications in a second running in a regular PC).
  • Allows clients to automatically reconnect to the server.
  • Allows clients to automatically ping to the server to keep the connection available when no communication occurs with the server for a while.
  • Allows a server to register events for new client connections, disconnecting of a client, etc.
  • Allows a client to register events for connecting and disconnecting.
  • It is suitable for long session connections between clients and server.

Detailed Documentation

How to download

You can download SCS binaries and source codes directly from here (Github).

If you're using Visual Studio, you can get from Nuget (