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We work with nonprofits to tell their stories through data

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Hikaya helps organizations tell their stories through data and technology. We work alongside leading nonprofits worldwide to assess their digital needs based on the principles of digital development and lay the groundwork for their digital transformation roadmap.

We aim to achieve this by introducing a set of integrated tools that re-engineer how data is used in organizations. By building open source solutions on common data standards, we improve the delivery of goods and services to those most in need while making reporting to funders more transparent.

Meet the team

We are a team of data scientists, designers, humanitarians, and software engineers who have lived and worked in some of the most challenging parts of the world.

Looking to contribute?

We're currently working on and maintaining the following projects:

  • Dots (A data management and visualization tool. The app is managed as a monorepo with a Python/DRF backend and Vue frontend.)
  • Hakawati (Vue based UI component library)

Past projects

  • Activity (A fully-fledged project and indicator management web app built as a monolithic python/django web app)
  • Connectors (A set of Airflow DAGs that connect to third-party data collection tools)
  • Indicator Library (A registry of +2,500 international development and humanitarian indicators used by major bilateral and multilateral funders)

Contact us

Have a question or want to discuss a use case, reach out to us.


  1. activity activity Public

    Making it easier for nonprofits to manage their project activities and indicators. Interested in contributing? Check out our open issues:

    JavaScript 80 5

  2. tables tables Public

    A tool to help nonprofits manage their data sets and perform simple cleaning operations

    JavaScript 1 1

  3. indicator-library indicator-library Public

    A catalog of more than 2,500 machine-readable, standard KPIs used by nonprofits to measure their impact and report to their funders

    JavaScript 5

  4. hakawati hakawati Public

    A collection of UI components

    Vue 2 1


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