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Shonda Ipsum Contributor Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Shonda Ipsum!

I've never contributed to an open source project before. How do I get started?

How exciting! We would legit be honored to be your first open source project. Here are some great tutorials to help you get started.

OK, I'm ready to get started. How can I help?

There are three key ways to contribute to Shonda Ipsum.

Improve content

  • Add new phrases or sentences from Shondaland creations (if you're not a coder, feel free to open a new issue titled "Content Submission" (see example).
  • Improve grammar, spelling of existing content

Improve the front-end

  • Make it prettier
  • Make it easier to use
  • Make it more accessible

Improve the code

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce duplication
  • Upgrade gems for security / functionality
  • Etc.

Wish list / To-do list

  • Convert phrases in home_controller.rb to yml file (or something similar - basically separate it out from the code)
  • Improve accessibility