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+Copyright Less License
+=== Licensing terms ===
+The Author is German or releasing under German law in the European
+Union, therefor the German Urheberrecht applies to the Works (Source
+Code, Text, Program, etc.).
+Under German Urheberrecht the Author did not add any Copyright to the
+Works and thereby placed the Works into the Public Domain (PD) as long
+as the Works has no Copyright on it.
+By using the Copyright Less License (CLL) the Author explicitly states,
+that the works of the Author never shall be covered by any Copyright.
+-- Additional information --
+The CLL itself is placed under the CLL.
+As the Works is not copyrighted and free of charge, there is no warranty
+of any kind to the extend permitted by applicable law. You are
+explicitly informed that under normal circumstances you use the Works
+solely at your own risk and you cannot hold others liable for any
+defects, material or immaterial loss or damages which arise from the
+For Works covered by the CLL you have the same rights as you have with
+any other Public Domain Works, except for the single issue that you are
+not allowed to cover the Works by any Copyright. So you can freely alter
+and distribute the Works, in whole or in parts, you can use it in or
+make it part of other Works. However, if the Works is included into
+something which is covered by a Copyright, you must make sure that the
+Copyright does not cover the part which falls under the CLL.
+You are allowed to drop the CLL and replace it by another license.
+However you then shall make sure that others are aware of the CLL nature
+of the Works which came under the CLL, such that the others do not
+accidentally add their Copyright to the Works, as adding a Copyright not
+knowingly of the CLL nature of the source still is prohibited by German
+Urheberrecht. To add a Copyright to something covered by the
+Urheberrecht, you must make sure you have the permission of the Author
+to do that, however (by choosing the CLL) the Author has explicitly
+announced that nobody shall get this right. Also you cannot claim that
+the author implicitly gave such a permission as the author explicitly
+neglected this.
+-- How to apply this License to your Works --
+1) Copy this text from "Copyright Less License" until the end of this
+ section into a file and name the file COPYRIGHT.CLL in your works.
+2) Where you else would add the Copyright add following:
+ This Works is placed under the terms of the Copyright Less License,
@@ -3,3 +3,6 @@ Python helpers to include as GIT submodules
Use the source.
Also there are short snippets in recipe on how to do a thing.
+This Works is placed under the terms of the Copyright Less License,

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