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Linux and Windows function plotter. Screenshots and Windows binaries are on the homepage.


Supports various projection modes and function types, natural expression syntax (sin xy instead of Sin[x*y] f.e.), blending between functions (identity and your target function for example), realtime parameter variation (where parameters are things like a mass or spring constant, order of a pole, etc), ...

Windows build:

Copy boost headers to Windows/boost/, open CPlot.sln in Visual Studio 2017, and it should just build.

Linux build:


  • scons and g++
  • libz, libpthread, libreadline
  • libX11, libXinput2
  • pangocairo
  • boost headers

After building (just scons or scons --release), try ./cplot test.cplot, press 1 + left/right arrows to change n, type help for command list, g csc z^2 to change the function, q to quit, ... It can actually do quite a bit more, but the UI does not exist yet.