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Linux (formerly Windows, formerly Mac) function plotter. Screenshots and Windows binaries are on the homepage.


Supports various projection modes and function types, natural expression syntax (sin xy instead of Sin[x*y] f.e.), blending between functions (identity and your target function for example), realtime parameter variation (where parameters are things like a mass or spring constant, order of a pole, etc), ...

Linux build:

On Arch: sudo pacman -S --needed git python ninja boost zlib sdl2 libgl glu glew pango cairo.
On Debian: sudo apt install git python3 ninja-build libboost-dev libz-dev libsdl2-dev libgl-dev libglu-dev libglew-dev libpango-1.0-dev libcairo2-dev.

Then build with:

git clone
cd cplot
git submodule update --init --recursive
./cplot test.cplot

Press Escape to show/hide the GUI. Documentation is available from the menu under View > Show Help. Some demo files are in the "Plot Examples" directory.

Windows build:

(Somewhat defunct because I have no Windows box at the moment - the 1.10 tag should still work.) Copy boost headers to Windows/boost/, open CPlot.sln in Visual Studio 2017, and it should just build.