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What we do

hillhacks is held in the lap of the stunning Dhauladhar Himalayas every summer.

People from different places, walks of life and lines of thought come together to share, collaborate and learn.

Hackers talk code. Artists share their creativity. Students join in from schools and colleges to learn new skills. Locals and globals mix and mingle. We build things like tables, hula hoops, interactive art installations, and solar lanterns. We connect. We dance and sing. Ideas emerge. Collaborations form. Lives change.

In the hacking, we get hacked ourselves.


hillhacks is passionate about making, sharing, learning, and the broad concepts of open source. Freedom, security, and environmentalism are also key to hillhackers. All of our ideas have conjoined into something exceptionally creative.

We are just a bunch of people that got connected by crazy and various circumstances, in a spontaneous and still very dynamic way. Many hillhackers change direction in life thanks to interactions during hillhacks - starting school, quitting jobs, moving house, launching projects.

hillhacks is inclusive. Being Excellent to Each Other is a core component of hillhacks. Everyone is welcome, regardless of economic background, race, religion, caste, nationality, political view, gender, and age.

The four pillars of hillhacks

{: .dl-horizontal} Education : Teaching expands horizons of students and the general public.

Exchange : Sharing expert-to-expert broadens our connections and ideas.

Making : Gaining independence and freedom on so many levels.

Caring : Shaping and developing our world, society, ethics and politics.