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Registration is free and helps us plan the event.

Click the button below to register in OSEM and let us know that you are coming.

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When you have registered, you will be able to submit proposals for presentations and workshops sessions.

Event costs

There is a day pass for people staying off-site and a camping pass for those camping on-site. As always, we offer a sliding scale on both of these passes to allow everyone to participate.

All passes cover breakfast, access to daily talks, workshops, and activities plus costs like equipment rentals, facilities rent, shade structures, electricity, internet and consumables. The camping pass also includes a tent space and the use of shared bathing facilities.

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Suggested Sliding scale
Day pass Rs. xxx/day Rs. 300-1800/day
Camping pass Rs. xxx/day Rs. 500-2000/day

How to pay

We accept cash at the event.

We don't take credit cards, PayTM, or other cashless payments. Please bring money with you. Local ATMs are not within easy walking distance.

Every hillhacks organiser and participant is a volunteer. Nobody earns a salary or makes a profit; if extra funds are collected, we spend them to create a better event this year or save them as start-up cash for next year.

We aim for transparency. If you are interested in where your money goes, please [contact us]({{site.baseurl}}{% link pages/ %}) and we'll give you a budget sheet.

Rough schedule

Main conference

What to expect : Curated talks and workshops
Evening entertainment

The main conference schedule will be announced just prior to the event.


What to expect : Set up for the main conference
Variety of sessions
Clean up after the main conference

*[OSEM]: Open Source Event Manager