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hillhacks 2023 will take place Hippie Gotra at Thachi Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India. The nearest Bus Stop is “Thachi Valley”.

You have to catch a bus from Delhi to Aut tunnel (towards Kullu /Manali /Kasol bus route) It takes approximately 10-12 hours to reach Aut. Once you reach Aut you can either take a cab from Aut to Batludhar(Hippie Gotra) or catch a bus till Thachi and take a cab from Thachi to Batludhar(Hippie Gotra).

We wish to provide you an OSM pin, but the location is still not mapped. You are welcome to map the area and some nearby water falls when you reach there.

Address : Hippie Gotra Thachi Valley, Thachi Himachal Pradesh India Pin 175106

^ GPS coordinates : 31.6604268,77.217251

Some photos

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Food & Accommodation

Food(Veg.) is available at the venue of 300₹ per person per day which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner. Custom food options are also available and it can be requested with Jubeesh. Charged separately. If the kitchen is available, you can cook.

There are multiple options for accommodation at the venue, check accommodation for more details.