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A GUI for FASTBuild
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FASTBuild Dashboard

FASTBuild (website or GitHub repository) is an amazing distributed building system. It can drastically shorten your build time by utilizing its distributed and cached building mechanisms.

FASTBuild Dashboard (FBD) is a GUI program for FASTBuild. It can watch and report FASTBuild's build progress in a friendly timeline interface; track your local worker's activities; and provide a simple setting interface to configure how FASTBuild works.

Screenshot of FBD 0.93.1

Get FASTBuild Dashboard

You can get the latest release of FBD at the Release Page. You'll need .NET Framework 4.6 or newer version installed on your Windows system.

Please note that FBD is still in its early development stage (although already suffice daily use), so everything is prone to change.


FBD is developed with .NET and WPF technology.

Third-party libraries:

This project is partially based on FASTBuild Monitor; especially their work on defining and implementing the log protocol should really be thanked.

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