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- Get rid of -Wno-deprecated and fix the C++ headers to use
the new convention.
Linux: Add support for some of the stats generated by the lm78 kernel
module. Fist, I need to get it (lm78) working well on one of my
NetBSD: Add interrupt-rate meter, add tape-drive meter (or
arbitrary device throughput meter?)
* Optimise graphing meter to use XCopyArea (or similar) and expose
events to reduce X traffic.
* Make xosview re-check resources when the resources are changed,
or when a signal is sent to it, or a key is pressed in it?
* Add command-line on/off switches for most, if not all, meters.
Fix MeterMaker in the other (non-NetBSD) ports to check for all meters,
not just load and serial.
* Add command-line arg for specifying an instance name, so that we can
say "xosview -name xosview-stipple" and have the xosview-stipple*
resources read in also.
Redo the fieldmeter drawing code -- it (and the decayfieldmeter
code) is very ugly.
* Add in stipple support for those stuck with 1-bit displays (black,
or white) (just MacBSD people?).
* Make a better resource for turning meters off/on. Currently, we
overload other resources.
* If all meters are disabled, either via resources or command-line
options, xosview dies from float-exception. Probably, we're
dividing by the number of meters somewhere. Fix this.
NetBSD: Clean up symbol defs in
NetBSD: Merge (or at least a lot of it) into
NetBSD, Linux, hp: Instead of allowing each meter to figure out the
per-sec rate for a measurement (page, disk, net), add a fieldmeter
function that does the calculation, using SAMPLE_MSECS and
priority_. See the netbsd/ code for what I think is the
correct formula (it took me a few attempts to get it right!)
Fix depend stuff
* Get autolookup of X stuff -- perhaps use xmkmf/imake in configure?
Change the CacheColor stuff from Tom Pavel's patches to be a
new memWiredColor.
* Change the names on all NetBSD* functions to just be BSD*,
since they are shared across multiple *BSD ports.
* Merge in NetBSD interrupt support.
* Add auto-detect for number of interrupts for NetBSD.
x Add in support and auto-detect for new NetBSD UVM stuff.
(added, but no auto-detect).
Merge in Tom's Xt stuff. -- deferred: it appears to require
Xt, Xaw, and ICE, IIRC, which bloats static executables too
much for my taste. bgrayson
* The Netmeter under *BSD has wrap problems: the internal
counter in the kernel is 32 bits, so once we receive 4G of
traffic, we wrap, and it looks like we received a lot of
negative traffic? (I _think_ this is the cause).
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