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// NetBSD port:
// Copyright (c) 1995,1996,1997 Brian Grayson(
// This file was written by Brian Grayson for the NetBSD and xosview
// projects.
// This file may be distributed under terms of the GPL or of the BSD
// license, whichever you choose. The full license notices are
// contained in the files COPYING.GPL and COPYING.BSD, which you
// should have received. If not, contact one of the xosview
// authors for a copy.
#ifndef _DISKMETER_H_
#define _DISKMETER_H_
#include "fieldmetergraph.h"
#include "defines.h"
class DiskMeter : public FieldMeterGraph {
DiskMeter( XOSView *parent, double max );
~DiskMeter( void );
const char *name( void ) const { return "DiskMeter"; }
void checkevent( void );
void checkResources( void );
void getstats( void );
u_int64_t prevreads_, prevwrites_;
double maxBandwidth_;
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