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This version of xosview is distributed from the following sites:

The build no longer uses GNU autoconfig.  Control is via Makefile
variables. In general, you should be able to build on Linux using:

  $ make
  $ make install

To change the target prefix, use, for example:

  $ make install PREFIX=/usr

For more fine-grained control, see the Makefile for available

To specify a particular platform, use one of:

  $ make PLATFORM=linux
  $ make PLATFORM=bsd
  $ make PLATFORM=irix65
  $ make PLATFORM=sunos5

Please see the README file for your platform for any special
instructions for running xosview on that platform.

The Makefile picks up additional variables from a .config file in the
source code directory.  You may prefer to use this if you are doing
several builds for testing and debugging.

See the man page for information on the xosview display and how to
customize it.

See the COPYING file for licensing terms.
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