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We've just migrated the Hugo repository to Astro. More updates coming soon

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List of free services for developers like database, hosting, authentication and other stuff.
Check it out at

I had many tools in my private repository and thought why not bring it to the public? Surprisingly there are not many alternatives out there that focusing on free programming tools, so I created my own dev-tool list to start prototyping or making an MVP.

Built with Hugo Static site generator and hosted at Netlify. (Now Astro on Vercel!)


MIT License


  1. Only accept free stuff or free trial at least 1 Year.
  2. What is not suitable on this site:
    • We're not accepting language/framework specific tools.
    • Link to "part of specific tools" for example "themes for hugo"
    • Library for a certain framework/language, (e.g. Javascript library).
    • Link to Documentation or Forum of a certain tool

They're great but there are more suitable place for those tools.


Want to add new stuff?
1a. Use this form Form New Stuff+
it will prefill some value for your github Pull Request

1b. If you're going to create file manually (not via link above):

a. Fork repo
b. Inside your fork navigate to src/content/tools
c. Create a new file for service you want to add. File must have .md extension, i.e.
d. Use next template for content

title: "Your service name"
link: ""
thumbnail: "https://any.logo.of/service"
snippet="Service description, which will be shown under service name"
tags: ["Tag1","Tag2","TagN"]
createdAt: 2021-06-21T18:55:27+03:00
free feature 1
free feature 2
free feature 3


  • You can use any image for thumbnail, but try to avoid using small favicons(16x16) as each image will be resized to 80x80
  • For existing tags visit and open the "Filter"
  • At the end write the features as one feature per line

Code of Conduct

FreeStuffDev is open for contribution from all people around the world. Whoever your are and whatever your background: nationality, gender, religion, we welcome you. Things to keep in mind:

  • Show empathy
  • Be patient
  • Accept constructive feedback

If you have any questions, feel free to open an issue or reach out at twitter


New notes


  • pages [DONE] random/newest [DONE]

  • features [DONE] save tools on localstorage

  • Responsive [DONE]

  • Featured section

  • add static pages: submission page [DONE] codeofconduct about/contact social media link


  • add simple analytics
  • Search feature (Client side)
  • Update twitter image, be consistent
  • Tidy up readme
  • Check old submission (PR)
  • Test submission (update github link)
  • Update github link on edit
  • Add page "isPaid" to list paid product
  • Don't list isPaid on homepage
  • Don't list isPaid as alternative