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Play framework module that provides jQuery UI widget integration examples
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Integrate jQuery UI widgets with your Play application

The jQuery UI module provides working examples of jQuery UI widgets, integrated with a Play appliction.

This module includes code samples for several widgets:

  • Accordion – collapsible content sections that are loaded via Ajax when opened.
  • Autocomplete – Ajax suggest-while-you-type for form controls.
  • Date picker – date selector pop-up that uses the application date format and language.
  • Dialog – dialogue box that can be used as a selector pop-up for form values.
  • Progressbar – progress indicator that uses web sockets to report a job’s completion percentage.
  • Tabs – content sections that are loaded via Ajax when selected.

This is not a Play module in the normal sense, providing additional server-side functionality that your application will directly depend on. Instead, this module provides re-usable view template and JavaScript snippets that you can use, as well us sample controller actions for the server-side parts.

Getting started.

Download the module and run it as a Play application, to browse the examples:

git clone
play run jqueryui-module
open http://localhost:9000/

Documentation is included as views in the module itself, referencing the code. Follow the usage instrutions below to access the documentation.

Either copy sections of code to your application, or install the module as a dependency of your application.

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