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A pure, no-dependency solver for binox
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This is a basic (under 1000 lines of code, with tests) solver for the game. You can use it to take boards in and get a completed solution out of it. The features are pretty basic right now but for now you can...

  • Specify strings as binary strings and get results
  • Pass in entire half-completed boards and get solutions out
  • It's fast -- you can solve most boards in under 4ms if the tests are anything to go by (there's room for improvement); measured on a Core i5 2500 @ 3.3Ghz
  • Log out the steps to get solutions

This is a module only. You can use it for your own games or applications. If you are looking for tools that use this tool / just looking to solve a problem, you can consider checking out the Binox Interactive Solver.

If you want to know how the solver algorithm works, you can read a post on my blog.

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