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Show namespace dependencies of Clojure project sources as a graph
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Clojars Project


This is a Leiningen plugin to show the namespace dependencies of Clojure project sources as a graph.

Added Features

For a custom named file add this -name to the command line run like this:

lein ns-dep-graph -name my-dep-graph


The plugin itself is tiny, all the hard work is done by and Rhizome.


You will need to have Graphviz installed. Run dot -V at the command line to check.

Installation and Usage

Put [lein-ns-dep-graph "0.2.0-SNAPSHOT"] into the :plugins vector of your :user profile, or if you are on Leiningen 1.x do lein plugin install lein-ns-dep-graph 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT. Then run

lein ns-dep-graph

from a Clojure project directory. This outputs a file ns-dep-graph.png showing the internal namespace dependencies of the project's .clj sources. Dependencies on external namespaces, say, are not shown.

You can also pass an optional platform argument to generate a graph for ClojureScript

lein ns-dep-graph -platform :cljs # or
lein ns-dep-graph -platform :clj

You can also pass an option parents argument, to generate a graph showing only the nodes that have (one of) those namespaces as their transitive parent:

lein ns-dep-graph -parents [my-app.module.b.core]


Below is the namespace dependency graph obtained for Hiccup.

Hiccup namespace dependency graph


Copyright © 2013 Hilverd Reker.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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