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8086 class work problems with a TODO checklist
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List of micro programs (checked one's have been solved)

  • (Q1) 33-find no. Of uppercase lowercase and digits entered as input in a string
  • (Q2) 36-count number of digits in a number
  • (Q3) 37-display name at center of screen in yellow color, Background color green, also blink the name
  • (Q4) 38-Convert a given number (maximum length:3) into words
  • (Q5) 39-Find sum of digits of a number of any length
  • (Q6) 57-HCF of two numbers
  • (Q7) 58- lcm of two numbers
  • (Q8) 59-frequency of occurrence of vowels in a string
  • (Q9) 52-reversing a given string
  • (Q10) 35-no. of odd and even numbers in an array and sum of them
  • (Q11) 65 - nine numbers, there are 4 numbers in pairs of two, find the odd one (eg. 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 9)
  • (Q12) 47- Input a string and find the number of white spaces and special characters in the steing
  • (Q13) 64 - Find the sum of digits of a 2 digit number until the sum is reduced to a single digit number
  • (Q14) 51- take a string and reverse only the second half of the string
  • (Q15) 44 - frequency of character 'a' and 'A' in a string
  • (Q16) 56- find the number of consonants in a string
  • (Q17) 54- find x ^y using subroutine
  • (Q18) 50-find the Count of even digits and count of odd digits in a number
  • (Q19) 61 check if a number is palindrome or not (max up to 4 digits)
  • (Q20) 63 Count maximum number of continuous zeros in an array
  • (Q21) 53-count no of zeros in array and find sum of rest of the array
  • (Q22) 49- capitalize the first letter of each word in a string
  • (Q23) 55- Find the number of digits in a number and sum of digits at even and odd places in that number.

Extra questions of COE1 practical

  • 1. Find if a number is prime or not(note: number should be less than 100)
  • 2. No. Of Set bits
  • 3. Sorting
  • 4. Multiply 2 numbers
  • 5. Average of n numbers
  • 6. BCD to Binary
  • 7. Binary to BCD
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