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hsetroot - imlib2-based wallpaper changer

original author: Hyriand <> (2003)
licence: GPL2
needs libimlib2-dev, libx11-dev, libxinerama-dev, pkg-config, make

This repo contains hsetroot 1.0.2 with the following changes:

  • autotools was replaced by a simple Makefile which requires pkg-config, x11 paths added
  • includes patches from debian, written by Martin Suchanek, more details in git log
    • Fix a segmentation fault when no display is present.
    • Add the '-extend' option
    • Add the '-cover' option
  • reintroduced the screen mask -screens option from earlier versions .. which is rather useless actually, as it deals with X screens, not xrandr outputs
  • added output support for all modes, using xinerama
    • use -root to treat multiple displays as one big display (original hsetroot behavior)
  • added support for color names and more color formats (using XParseColor except for #rrggbbaa)