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Omega Five


The Omega Five theme is the most powerful and flexible base theme available for Drupal 8. Omega includes HTML5, CSS3 responsive layouts, customizable grids based on, advanced preprocess functionality, and a vastly enhanced performance profile from Omega 3.x. In Omega Five all the processing of layout data/vars is handled by the backend, and SCSS/CSS is generated when theme settings/layouts have been updated. This means all that is loaded on the front end is valid CSS that handles the layout.


Creating your Omega Sub Theme (Manually)

  • Copy the appropriate starterkit from omega/starterkits
    • move copy to /themes
  • Rename the folder
    • Rename the copied folder to YOUR_THEME
  • Renaming the appropriate files -- Any instance below of STARTERKIT below could be omega_starterkit, omega_simple_starterkit, etc. -- Any instance of YOUR_THEME should be the new machine name of your theme
    • Rename the file to
    • Rename the STARTERKIT.breakpoints.yml to YOUR_THEME.breakpoints.yml
    • Rename the STARTERKIT.libraries.yml to YOUR_THEME.libraries.yml
    • Rename the STARTERKIT.theme to YOUR_THEME.theme
    • Rename the STARTERKIT.schema.yml to YOUR_THEME.schema.yml in the config/schema folder
    • Rename the STARTERKIT.settings.yml to YOUR_THEME.settings.yml in the config/install folder
    • Rename the STARTERKIT.region_groups.yml to YOUR_THEME.region_groups.yml in the config/install folder
    • Rename the STARTERKIT.layouts.yml to YOUR_THEME.layouts.yml in the config/install folder
    • Rename ALL STARTERKIT.layout.LAYOUT_ID.yml to YOUR_THEME.layout.LAYOUT_ID.yml in the config/install folder
    • Rename ALL STARTERKIT.layout.LAYOUT_ID.generated.yml to YOUR_THEME.layout.LAYOUT_ID.generated.yml in the config/install folder
    • Rename the STARTERKIT.js to YOUR_THEME.js in the js folder
    • Rename the STARTERKIT.css to YOURTHEME.css in the style/css folder
  • Edit
    • Change the following lines to suit your needs
      • name = My Custom Theme
      • description = My own custom Omega Five subtheme
      • libraries
  • Edit YOUR_THEME.libraries.yml
    • Change the following
      • Replace all instances of STARTERKIT with YOUR_THEME (there should be 3)
  • More details to follow
  • More details to follow
  • More details to follow
  • More details to follow
  • Turn on your subtheme
    • visit /admin/appearance
    • Click “Install and set default” on the appropriate subtheme you’ve created.
    • Profit.