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Google Tasks is a TODO/Task service by Google integrated in Calendar. It had a few lightweight JS frontends perfect for a browser sidebar which had been shut down:

This project reimplements those frontends from scratch. It supports both styles, multiple accounts with different backends (including Google Tasks and CalDAV tasks!)

Try it now on GitHub (CalDAV/local storage only)

More screenshots


  • Runs in browser, from local file or self-hosted
  • Works with Google Tasks, CalDAV and browser-synced tasks
  • Multi-account support, moving and copying tasks between accounts, exporting tasks
  • Implements most Google Tasks IG interface features: inline editing, enter-splits, backspace-deletions, tab/shift-tab, keyboard navigation, move to list, task list commands, undelete.
  • Async requests, fast UI with activity indicator
  • Custom UI Styles: Both Canvas and Sidebar/IG are available

Runs as a:

CalDAV is always available, Google Tasks works only on Chrome or own domain, Browser in all browser extensions:

CalDAV Google Tasks Browser (sync) Browser (local)
Chrome extension (page) + + + +
Firefox/Opera (sidebar) + + +
Self-hosted + + + (less safe)
Self-hosted in sidebar + + + (less safe)
Local file or github + + (less safe)

The browser extensions

Chrome: Extension page

Firefox/Opera: Addon page

Firefox/Opera Sidebar for Standalone version: Addon page

Loading from sources:

Chrome: Go to Extensions page and enable "Developer mode". Press "Load unpacked extension" and point it to the folder with Tasks IG.

Firefox: Go to about:debugging, check "Enable extension debugging" and press "Load temporary extension". Point it to the manifest.json.


Tasks IG can be copied and run from anywhere, including from your own server or a local file. Just double-click index.html or access it on Github.

You can put your self-hosted instance in a Firefox/Opera sidebar instead of a separate page. Install the extension and set the URL in options.


CalDAV Tasks are now supported!

  • Work in all environments including from here on GitHub
  • Subtasks via RELATED-TO, the most supported way
  • Fixed ordering via X-APPLE-SORT-ORDER, the only at least somewhat supported way
  • Surprisingly okay speed
  • No calendar creation/deletion -- please use a full-blown CalDAV client for initial setup
  • No task recurrence

See How to configure your own CalDAV server.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks can only be accessed either from a Chrome extension or from your own domain if you configure Google API keys.

If you don't have a domain you can find someone else who does who you trust (if you run Tasks from them, they can spoof it to access your tasks).

Browser backends

Store data locally in the browser. They work even while offline. The sync version is synchronized between your different PCs in the background. In this way you can have a fully serverless but distributed tasks (but you will only be able to access them from the browser).

"Less safe" versions use Local Storage instead of extension Storage and it's easy to reset by clearing cookies, so I wouldn't store anything important.

UI styles

By default the UI behaves as Tasks Canvas on wide screns and collapses to minimal Sidebar UI when narrowed.

Add your custom CSS to index.html or in Options ("Additional style files"). Some styles are available in '/styles' subfolder:

  • min.css to force minimal UI at all times
  • canvas.css to force collapsed UI to be Canvas-styled
  • accounts-flat.css for a different approach to account list at the left
  • borders-gray.css to change border colors in either mode

You can omit "style/*.css" in Options and just write "min,accounts-flat".

If you're running this from the web, to speed up loading you may want to compile everything into a single CSS.


Q: Can I use this on mobile?

A: You can, but there are better clients both for Google Tasks and for DAV (for example, Tasks IG is mostly meant for a browser/sidebar.

Q: Can I undelete a task?

A: Only in Google Tasks backend at the moment. Check "Show deleted tasks" in Options. To restore a deleted task, simply edit it and save. Remember to disable "Show deleted tasks" later; this is a last ditch effort, not a workable mode.

Q: CalDAV account doesn't connect (says something about "error 0" or CORS)

A: Your DAV server has to support CORS. CORS is a dubious browser security measure where a server must explicitly allow requests from outside. Either configure the server (here's an example) or put tasks-ig on the same domain and http/https scheme.

License and attribution

This project uses icons and other resources which might have their separate licenses. Please see LICENSE.txt for licenses and attribution.


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