The "officially unofficial" consolidated list of PostCSS plugins in a ready-to-use package
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PostCSS Plugin List npm version contributors

The "officially unofficial" consolidated list of PostCSS plugins in a ready-to-use package.


There are over a hundred wonderful developers building amazing PostCSS plugins. The running list of plugins grows quickly, and is used in many places. One such place is on the searchable built by @mxstbr. Another is in the PostCSS Alfred Workflow created by @chrisopedia. These are great resources for developers to find and use plugins, and this list helps keep them all up to date.

The goal is to be as concise and clear as possible while still offering a lot of data about each plugin to developers.


With yarn

yarn add postcss-plugins

With npm

npm i postcss-plugins


const plugins = require('postcss-plugins');

//  Sample usage: get the name of every plugin in the dataset
const namesOfEveryPlugin = =>;

//  Sample usage: get plugin with the most stars
const mostStarredPlugin = plugins.reduce((a, p) => a.stars && p.stars > a.stars ? p : a, { stars: 0 });

//  Sample usage: see how many plugins himynameisdave has written
const himynameisdavesPlugins = plugins.reduce((a, p) => === 'himynameisdave' ? ++a : a, 0)

Submitting A New Plugin

All plugins are welcome, so long as they meet the PostCSS Plugin Guidelines. There are scripts in place to make adding your plugin as easy as answering a few questions about it.


  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Run yarn install/npm i to quickly install the dependencies that the scripts rely on.
  3. Run yarn run add/npm run add. You will then be prompted for info about your plugin. Follow the prompts.
  4. This will add your plugin to plugins.json and your name/plugin to the list.
  5. Commit & push your changes, then submit your pull request.
  6. Chill out.


See the changelog for a list of releases, changes & updates.