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Hinemos is an open source integrated system management software providing both monitoring and job management (workload scheduling) features, to implement system operation automation.

README(日本語版) | Hinemos Portal | Latest Packages


You can install hinemos with the following commands.

  • Manager Installation

$ rpm -ivh

  • Web Client Installation

$ rpm -ivh

See the install document for details.

ver.6.2 New Features

  • Manage history and notify changes of the Node Configuration
    • Retrieve information of target's package, program, device etc. regularly and manage its history
    • Detect and notify configuration changes
    • Search through collected data and output data in CSV format (provided with the subscription)

ver.6.2 Improvement

  • Improvement of Agent Update Feature

    • Improvement of the transfer efficiency
    • Able to view more detailed update status
  • Concurrent Control Queue

    • Able to control the number of jobs executed across Jobs and JobNets at the same time using Concurrent Control Queue
  • Increased the number of items which can be included in an event information

    • Able to add original information to the items included in an event information
  • User operation using the event information

    • Operation (command) using event information is defined in advance and can be executed by user judgment
  • Improvement of Monitor History[Event] view

    • Able to specify default layout for each Monitor History View
  • Improvement of version upgrade tool (provided with the subscription)

    • Able to directly convert definitions of Hinemos ver.4.1 (and later) to Hinemos ver.6.2

See the release notes for details.



GNU General Public License (GPL)

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