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Issue tracker and translation files for
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Issue tracker and translation files for


Total length: 1726 words

Any amount of work is very appreciated. Even a line makes a difference.

Currently any missing translations are translated with Google Cloud Translate API. If you have time please read through and message me any changes or if none that you have reviewed that language and there are no changes necessary.

Step 1

Click the link to the text file with the translations

ISO 639-1 Code Language Name Translated Human Reviewed
da Danish ✔ 100.00%
de German ✔ 100.00%
es Spanish ✔ 100.00%
et Estonian ✔ 100.00%
fi Finnish ✔ 100.00%
fr French ✔ 100.00%
hu Hungarian ✔ 100.00%
id Indonesian ✔ 100.00%
it Italian ✔ 100.00%
ja Japanese ✔ 100.00%
ko Korean ✔ 100.00%
ms Malay ✔ 100.00%
nl Dutch ✔ 100.00%
nn Norwegian ✔ 100.00%
pl Polish ✔ 100.00%
pt Portuguese ✔ 100.00%
ro Romanian ✔ 100.00%
ru Russian ✔ 100.00%
sr Serbian ✔ 100.00%
sv Swedish ✔ 100.00%
th Thai ✔ 100.00%
tl Tagalog ✔ 100.00%
tr Turkish ✔ 100.00%
uk Ukrainian ✔ 100.00%
vi Vietnamese ✔ 100.00%
zh_Hans Simplified Chinese ✔ 100.00%
zh_Hant Traditional Chinese ✔ 100.00%
Blank Template
Step 2

Use your text editor of choice to add translations. The line with msgid "" will have the English text and all you need to do is write the translations between the quotes where it says msgstr "". You can learn more about .po files here if you'd like but that isn't necessary to contribute.

Step 3

Then paste your edited file to and message me the link on either Reddit, Twitter or Facebook.


Of course feel free to make a pull request instead if you're experienced with Github.

I'm open to questions anytime.


Contributors will be listed here and on the website if you wish. A link to social media or your website can be included.

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