Mhhhhhmm, this is a tasty burger
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🔥 🍔 Tasty Burger

Mmmmhmmm this is a tasty burger

Mmmmhmmm this is a tasty burger



Take meat

<link rel="stylesheet" href="tasty-burger.css">

Put it on grill

<div class="tb tb--lg"><span></span></div>

Sizes --sm, --md, --lg

<!-- Small - 12px -->
<div class="tb tb--sm"><span></span></div>

<!-- Large - 24px -->
<div class="tb tb--md"><span></span></div>

<!-- Large - 44px -->
<div class="tb tb--lg"><span></span></div>

Your own size

@import 'tasty-burger';

@include tasty-burger($size-name: 'medium-rare', $icon-size: 32px);
<div class="tb tb--medium-rare"><span></span></div>

Your own everything

$tb-class: '.my-tasty-burger';
$tb-color: pink;
$tb-bar-height: 4px;
$tb-animation-time: 0.15s;
$tb-sizes: (default: 30px);

@import 'tasty-burger';
<div class="my-tasty-burger my-tasty-burger--default"><span></span></div>



$tb-class, defaults .tb

Base css class that will be generated.

$tb-color, defaults #000

Color of each icon's bar.

$tb-bar-height, defaults 2px

Height of each bar in the icon.

$tb-animation-time, defaults 0.3s

Duration of animation.

$tb-sizes, defaults (sm: 12px, md: 24px, lg: 44px)

Map that holds sizes for generated CSS, depends on $tb-class.


@mixin tasty-burger($size-name, $icon-size)

  • $size-name - name of modifier for base class
  • $icon-size - height of the icon

Supported browsers (source)

  • Firefox 4.0 and up
  • Safari 6.1 and up
  • Chrome 26 and up
  • Opera 15 and up (post Blink)
  • IE 10 and up
  • Safari iOS 7