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@@ -146,6 +146,25 @@ Emit quotes to interactive shells on login, in F</etc/profile>:
+I wrote this program because using L<fortune(1)> and Perl in
+F</etc/profile> to emit a random quote on login was too slow. On my
+system L<fortune(1)> can take ~100 ms from a cold start, although
+subsequent invocations when it's in cache are ~10-20 ms.
+Similarly using Perl is also slow, this is in the 80 ms range:
+ perl -COEL -MYAML::XS=LoadFile -E'@q = @{ LoadFile("/path/to/quotes.yml") }; @q && say $q[rand @q]'
+Either way, when you have a 40 ms ping time to the remote machine
+showing that quote is the major noticeable delay when you do I<ssh
+L<quotecc> solves that problem, showing a quote takes around 4 ms
+now. That's comparable with any hello wold program in C that I
=head1 AUTHOR
E<AElig>var ArnfjE<ouml>rE<eth> Bjarmason <>

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