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Support for Perl 5 and Perl 6 in Vim
VimL Perl CSS
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This is the aggregation of all the various Perl-related syntax and helper files for Perl 5 and Perl 6.


You can install vim-perl using

  • Pathogen and git submodules
  • Vundle
  • VAM

They were all tested and work: please read the related documentation on the related sites.

The legacy method is to install just do a "make install" and you'll get the .vim files all installed in your ~/.vim directory.

Getting Help

Any bug reports/feature requests/patches should be directed to the vim-perl group.

When reporting bugs in the highlighting of items, please include an example file as well as a screenshot demonstrating the problem.


Curly braces inside of regexes/strings are considered when I use %

(See also GH #86)

Vim itself only considers double quotes in this scenario; the matchit plugin, however, can deal with this scenario and vim-perl's files are set up to work with it should you choose to use it.

Can you add highlighting for Moose, Try::Tiny, Test::More, etc, keywords?

We have syntax "extensions" under the contrib directory; you can find custom highlighting for these sorts of things there.


If you would like to contribute to vim-perl (which would be greatly appreciated!), you may find the and scripts of use. What I do is drop the sources for Moose, Data::Printer, and Regexp::Debugger in the corpus directory and use the scripts to make sure my changes don't cause regressions in highlighting and folding.

Andy (

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