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Translate module that allows easy public translation of kohana's i18n files.
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Langify is a module for kohanaphp v3.

It allows you to import kohana i18n files into a db, have your visitors translating it, and then export it back as i18n files.


  • Kohana 3.1.x
  • AUTH (Can easily be excluded and changed to a custom auth system if needed)
  • ORM
  • KOstache (
  • Assets (

  • Add the module to your bootstrap.php file


  • Place the module into your module folder
  • Import the database.sql file into your database.

    Get Started

  • Make sure you got AUTH Module enabled, and a user with the role translate.

  • Import a i18n file using the admin panel (translate/admin)
  • Edit the language.
  • Export your finnished translated strings into useable i18n files.
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