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Partial POSIX support

  • Blocking sockets
  • Syslog
  • Tar/gzip
  • Read only file support (read, open, stat, seek etc.)

Replaced old build system with CMake

Extra special thanks to @andreashappe for getting us started!

HTTP 1.1 support

  • HTTP server functionality
  • Simple, highly usable HTTP client


All IncludeOS subprojects moved into main IncludeOS repo, including:

  • Mana Web Application Framework
  • Acorn Web Appliance service

Other notable features

  • VFS (Virtual file system)
  • System RNG (Thanks, @randombit!)
  • Boot with Grub (Thanks @sarum90!)

Utility classes

  • CRC32 checksumming
  • Fixed queue
  • Path to regex
  • URI support
  • Syslogd with RFC5424 over UDP plugin
  • TAR support, including gzip support with the help of uzlib.


  • http-parser - Efficient http parsing
  • rapidjson (optional)
  • uzlib
  • python-psutil
  • python-jsonschema


  • Diskbuilder: Easily create and link a memdisk with the content of a directory
  • boot tool: Python program to easily boot IncludeOS services