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A minimalist, responsive, and open-source theme for Ghost by hiorws.

Forked from crisp.

Lots of thanks!

Required Steps for Installation

  1. Download the files
  2. Replace the example disqus_shortname with your shortname on line 4 of partials/comments.hbs, or delete the #comments div to remove comments altogether
  3. Configure the follow buttons in partials/follow.hbs (see section below)
  4. Add the folder to the content/themes directory of your Ghost installation
  5. Select the theme in the settings page of your Ghost admin panel

Suggested Customizations

  • Change the link color on line 87 in assets/styles/crisp.css
  • Add code for Google Analytics in default.hbs after {{ghost_foot}}
  • Remove irrelevant social sharing services in partials/share.hbs
  • Change your blog logo to change the favicon and the picture in the sidebar (the blog cover is not used)

Editing Follow Buttons

Crisp uses Font Awesome for icons. See the Font Awesome documentation for the full list of icons and usage tips.

I have placed some common buttons in follow.hbs, with more options in the commented out sections. Make sure to replace the username in the URLs so the links point to your profiles.


A minimalist, responsive, and open-source theme for Ghost



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