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Hipacc Prerequisites:
- Clang (see
- LLVM (see
- compiler-rt (see
- libcxx (see
- libcxxabi (when using clang for GNU/Linux)
- Polly (optional, see
- CMake (2.8.12 or later)
The revision of the Clang/LLVM (and Polly) have to match in order to compile the
Hipacc sources successfully. The file '' lists the revisions and
repositories of each dependency known to work with the latest version of Hipacc.
Use 'git checkout <revision>' in order to switch to the required revision.
On Windows, use msys2 to build Hipacc. The source files generated by Hipacc can
then be compiled in Visual Studio.
To configure the project, call cmake in the root directory. A working
installation of Clang/LLVM (and Polly) is required. The llvm-config tool will be
used to determine configuration for Hipacc and must be present in the
The following variables can be set to configure the installation:
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX - Installation prefix (this must be an absolute path)
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE - Build type (Debug or Release)
For OpenCL and OpenCV, the installation location can be specified:
OpenCL_INC_DIR - OpenCL include path
e.g. -DOpenCL_INC_DIR=/usr/local/cuda/include
OpenCL_LIB_DIR - OpenCL library path
e.g. -DOpenCL_LIB_DIR=/usr/lib64
OpenCV_DIR - OpenCV installation path
e.g. -DOpenCV_DIR=/opt/local
For Android, the Android NDK and API level have to be specified:
NDK_DIR - Android NDK directory
e.g. -DNDK_DIR=/opt/android/android-ndk-r16
The following options can be enabled or disabled:
USE_POLLY - Use Polly for kernel analysis (e.g. -DUSE_POLLY=ON)
USE_JIT_ESTIMATE - Use just-in-time compilation of generated kernels in
order to get resource estimates - option only
available for GNU/Linux systems
A possible configuration may look like the following:
cd <hipacc_root>
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`pwd`/release
make && make install