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A prometheus exporter for PHP-FPM. The exporter connects directly to PHP-FPM and exports the metrics via HTTP.

A webserver such as NGINX or Apache is NOT needed!

Table of Contents


  • Export single or multiple pools
  • Export to CLI as text or JSON
  • Connects directly to PHP-FPM via TCP or Socket
  • Maps environment variables to CLI options
  • Fix for PHP-FPM metrics oddities
  • Grafana Dashboard for Kubernetes


php-fpm_exporter is released as binary and docker image. It uses sensible defaults which usually avoids the need to use command parameters or environment variables.

php-fpm_exporter supports 2 commands, get and server. The get command allows to retrieve information from PHP-FPM without running as a server and exposing an endpoint. The server command runs the server required for prometheus to retrieve the statistics.

Options and defaults

Option Description Environment variable Default value
--web.listen-address Address on which to expose metrics and web interface. PHP_FPM_WEB_LISTEN_ADDRESS :9253
--web.telemetry-path Path under which to expose metrics. PHP_FPM_WEB_TELEMETRY_PATH /metrics
--phpfpm.scrape-uri FastCGI address, e.g. unix:///tmp/php.sock;/status or tcp:// PHP_FPM_SCRAPE_URI tcp://
--phpfpm.fix-process-count Enable to calculate process numbers via php-fpm_exporter since PHP-FPM sporadically reports wrong active/idle/total process numbers. PHP_FPM_FIX_PROCESS_COUNT false
--log.level Only log messages with the given severity or above. Valid levels: [debug, info, warn, error, fatal] (default "error") PHP_FPM_LOG_LEVEL info

Why --phpfpm.fix-process-count?

php-fpm_exporter implements an option to "fix" the reported metrics based on the provided processes list by PHP-FPM.

We have seen PHP-FPM provide metrics (e.g. active processes) which don't match reality. Specially active processes being larger than max_children and the actual number of running processes on the host. Looking briefly at the source code of PHP-FPM it appears a scoreboard is being kept and the values are increased/decreased once an action is executed. The metric active processes is also an accumulation of multiple states (e.g. Reading headers, Getting request information, Running). Which shouldn't matter and active processes should still be equal or lower to max_children.

--phpfpm.fix-process-count will emulate PHP-FPMs implementation including the accumulation of multiple states.

If you like to have a more granular reporting please use phpfpm_process_state.

CLI Examples

  • Retrieve information from PHP-FPM running on with status endpoint being /status

    php-fpm_exporter get
  • Retrieve information from PHP-FPM running on and

    php-fpm_exporter get --phpfpm.scrape-uri tcp://,tcp://
  • Run as server with 2 pools:

    php-fpm_exporter server --phpfpm.scrape-uri tcp://,tcp://
  • Run as server and enable process count fix via environment variable:

    PHP_FPM_FIX_PROCESS_COUNT=1 go run main.go server --web.listen-address ":12345" --log.level=debug

Docker Examples

  • Run docker manually

    docker pull hipages/php-fpm_exporter
    docker run -it --rm -e PHP_FPM_SCRAPE_URI="tcp://,tcp://" hipages/php-fpm_exporter
  • Run the docker-compose example

    git clone
    cd php-fpm_exporter/test
    docker-compose -p php-fpm_exporter up

    You can now access the following links:


Kubernetes Example


Metrics collected

# HELP phpfpm_accepted_connections The number of requests accepted by the pool.
# TYPE phpfpm_accepted_connections counter
# HELP phpfpm_active_processes The number of active processes.
# TYPE phpfpm_active_processes gauge
# HELP phpfpm_idle_processes The number of idle processes.
# TYPE phpfpm_idle_processes gauge
# HELP phpfpm_listen_queue The number of requests in the queue of pending connections.
# TYPE phpfpm_listen_queue gauge
# HELP phpfpm_listen_queue_length The size of the socket queue of pending connections.
# TYPE phpfpm_listen_queue_length gauge
# HELP phpfpm_max_active_processes The maximum number of active processes since FPM has started.
# TYPE phpfpm_max_active_processes counter
# HELP phpfpm_max_children_reached The number of times, the process limit has been reached, when pm tries to start more children (works only for pm 'dynamic' and 'ondemand').
# TYPE phpfpm_max_children_reached counter
# HELP phpfpm_max_listen_queue The maximum number of requests in the queue of pending connections since FPM has started.
# TYPE phpfpm_max_listen_queue counter
# HELP phpfpm_process_last_request_cpu The %cpu the last request consumed.
# TYPE phpfpm_process_last_request_cpu gauge
# HELP phpfpm_process_last_request_memory The max amount of memory the last request consumed.
# TYPE phpfpm_process_last_request_memory gauge
# HELP phpfpm_process_request_duration The duration in microseconds of the requests.
# TYPE phpfpm_process_request_duration gauge
# HELP phpfpm_process_requests The number of requests the process has served.
# TYPE phpfpm_process_requests counter
# HELP phpfpm_process_state The state of the process (Idle, Running, ...).
# TYPE phpfpm_process_state gauge
# HELP phpfpm_scrape_failures The number of failures scraping from PHP-FPM.
# TYPE phpfpm_scrape_failures counter
# HELP phpfpm_slow_requests The number of requests that exceeded your 'request_slowlog_timeout' value.
# TYPE phpfpm_slow_requests counter
# HELP phpfpm_start_since The number of seconds since FPM has started.
# TYPE phpfpm_start_since counter
# HELP phpfpm_total_processes The number of idle + active processes.
# TYPE phpfpm_total_processes gauge
# HELP phpfpm_up Could PHP-FPM be reached?
# TYPE phpfpm_up gauge

Grafana Dasbhoard for Kubernetes

The Grafana dashboard can be found here. There is also a more generic version here.


  • How to update "Metrics collected"?

    Copy&paste the output from:

    curl | grep phpfpm | grep "#"


E2E Tests

The E2E tests are based on docker-compose and bats-core. Install the required components, e.g. via brew on MacOS:

brew tap kaos/shell
brew install docker-compose bats-core kaos/shell/bats-assert kaos/shell/bats-support

After the components are installed run the E2E tests:

make test-e2e


Contributions are greatly appreciated. The maintainers actively manage the issues list, and try to highlight issues suitable for newcomers. The project follows the typical GitHub pull request model. See " How to Contribute to Open Source " for more details. Before starting any work, please either comment on an existing issue, or file a new one.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Enrico Stahn

💬 💻 📖 🚧 ⚠️

Stanislav Antic




Smoked Cheese

🐛 💻



Stan Xing




John S Long


Daniel O'Callaghan


Simon Stücher


André Sterba


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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