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HiPay Multibanco Gateway extension for Opencart 3

API credentials

HiPay API production or sandbox account credentials for each currency:

  • username
  • password
  • entity


  • Sandbox: enable or disable sandbox/test account
  • Username and Password: credentials for Multibanco API
  • Entity: Multibanco Entity enabled for your account
  • Expiry date: expiry date (in days). For entities without expiry date set to 0
  • Minimum and maximum amount to activate the payment method
  • Debug: enable to log payment info
  • Order status for pending, cancelled, failed, expired and paid transactions.
  • Geo zone: zones where the payment method is activated
  • Status: enable or disable the extension
  • Sort order: payment method checkout order

Show Multibanco reference on success page

Edit file catalog/controller/checkout/success.php and find


After that line add

	if ($this->session->data['payment_method']['code'] == 'hipay_multibanco'){
		$data['hipay_multibanco_reference'] = $this->model_extension_payment_hipay_multibanco->getMultibancoReference($this->session->data['order_id']);

		if (isset($data['hipay_multibanco_reference']->row["reference"] )) {
			$data['multibanco_entity_value'] = $data['hipay_multibanco_reference']->row["entity"];
			$data['multibanco_reference_value'] = $data['hipay_multibanco_reference']->row["reference"];	
			$data['multibanco_amount_value'] = $data['hipay_multibanco_reference']->row["total"];	
			if ($data['hipay_multibanco_reference']->row["expiry_days"] > 1) {
			$data['multibanco_expiry_date_value'] = date('Y-m-d',strtotime('+' . $data['hipay_multibanco_reference']->row["expiry_days"] . ' days', strtotime($data['hipay_multibanco_reference']->row["date_added"]))) ;
			$multibancoReference = $this->load->view('extension/payment/hipay_multibanco_reference', $data);

Then find

$data['continue'] = $this->url->link('common/home');

and before that line add

if (isset($multibancoReference)){
	$data['text_message'] .= $multibancoReference;


  • SOAP extension


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