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Question about multiple room setup #10

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My company has several projects going on at once, and I have started creating HipChat rooms for each project. I'd like to connect our Redmine project with it's corresponding HipChat room. However, it looks like this plugin only allows you to configure one room to be connected -- the HipChat plugin settings don't appear to be per project. Can you confirm that I'm understanding how to use the plugin correctly? If so, do you have any suggestions on how to set up our Redmine and HipChat so that all Redmine activity isn't being dumped into one HipChat room?



I believe that's an accurate description of the current setup and agree that more flexibility would be nice. It's not something we have plans to add as we don't see much usage of this plugin, but if you have anyone to make the improvements we'd happy accept pull requests.


What are the supported redmine versions for this plugin?


Will be glad to see multi-room settings. Did not have a chance to code in Ruby though..


@mikeyhell It works on 1.3, and it is stated that it supports Redmine 2.x


@powdahound I have add support for ability to set room per project. See PR #14.

@mikeyhell @vkotovv current plugin will not work with Redmine older then 2.0.0.


Merged in @biow0lf's changes (thanks!) - so hopefully that works for you.

@powdahound powdahound closed this

@biow0lf What do you mean by that? Your changes is not compatible with Redmine < 2.x? I use this revision and it works OK on my Redmine 1.3.0 installation.

@aBuntaroOrita aBuntaroOrita referenced this issue in kato-im/redmine_kato

Multiple room setting #1

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