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Source code for Adam Wright's personal site at http:/ I put this online as a portfolio, and in case you'd like to see how anything is done or copy my work. Everything required to get the site up is included in this repository, with the obvious exception of secret keys and such. 😸

Main technology stack

Backend • The site is based on the Django web framework, with feinCMS and a modified fork of ElephantBlog. I use django-hosts for managing links between sub-domains.

Frontend • Layout is implemented with the grid system from Zurb Foundation, and styles are compiled from Sass, using Compass's typographic components.

Personal projects in the mix

More than anything, having a personal site gives me a low-risk (but production) area to experiment with my own packages. Currently approaching beta, django-cinch is a package for writing modular, class-based settings in Django projects - take a look at this site's settings module, to get a quick idea of what it does.

Besides that, I'm working on a lightweight deployment suite called scow, for projects targetting uWSGI + DigitalOcean + Ubuntu + Nginx, which wraps Fabric. Several other potential projects live in django-revkom, which is basically my personal in vitro development package.