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# Application name
name Faucet
long_name Bitcoin Faucet
coin_name Bitcoin # Coin name
coin_amount 0.001 # Amount to be sent per visitor
timeout 108000 # Wait time in seconds between requests
donations_address 15YEtu22xGZUnXuWKSLTjaYYhkuJWkEsLa
# You can obtain this id at
addthis_id ra-4ec2c5b3752e5c31
# These settings used to render URLs and names in top nav bar
project_url # URL to *coin project home page
project_name Bitcoin # *coin project name
blockexplorer_url # URL to project's block explorer page
# Replace with correct RPC username, password, host and port
# to connect to bitcoind
<Model BitcoinServer>
uri http://rpcuser:rpcpassword@localhost:8332/
# reCAPTCHA settings. Obtain your keys at
pub_key 6Lds1LwSAAAAANbJelYz_47WQFRKbiVfjD3YXMHX
priv_key 6Lds1LwSAAAAAElmpFToH8Knj8py8cqHD-0Fihnx
theme clean
# Cache config
class Cache::FastMmap
share_file /tmp/faucet.tmp
cache_size 64m
# DB settings
<Model DB>
dsn dbi:SQLite:/home/faucet/faucet.db
# Facebook authentication
# Obtain application_id and application_secret at
default_realm facebook
class Facebook::OAuth2
application_id 221782084560604
application_secret b6d7293ec8743f80732e7d660e5bd90a
class Null
facebook_like_message Just got few bitcoins from Bitcoin Faucet. You can get some too.