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PleXBMC - Use KODI (aka XBMC) to play media from Plex Media Server

This is a KODI (previously known as XBMC) addon that allows media and metadata stored in the Plex Media 
Server (PMS) to be viewed and played using the KODI interface.


1. Download this zip file, placing it where is can be found by XBMC.
2. Install using "Install from zip file", which can be found in 
   Settings -right arrow-> Addons
   Settings -click-> Addons -> Install from Zip
3. Browse for the plugin zip file, select and install
4. If your PMS is installed on a seperate server, then configure the addon 
   with the IP address.

Go to Video -> Addon and you should be able to browse the PMS data structure 
and select the media you want to play

PleXBMC should work "out of the box" in most cases, as the default allows for automatic server discovery.
If this doesn't work, then discovery can be switched off, and a manually entered hostname or IP address can be used.

If you are watching remotely, or on a bandwidth limited network, switch on Transcoding to reduce the media quality
to one that works best for you.

In addition, PleXBMC can use your myplex account to access local and remote servers, and provide user content controls when
configured via the Plex/Web interface.  Create an admin account to manage the process and then assigned managed users
to give specific access to libraries to other users.

Sign into myplex using the "Sign in" menu or through the PleXBMC settings page.

To make KODI integrate more tightly with the PLEX sourced data - you can load up a PleXBMC modified skin, which gives
access to your libraries, media and channels from the home screen, plus a view of all "recently added" or "onDeck" (in play) media.
Currently "Amber" is the most compatible and you can find this on the KODI forums.


PleXBMC has a number of options to help fit in with your preferred media setup.  PleXBMC is designed to work out of the box, without 
any modifications, but sometimes you might want to tweak something. Such options include the ability to switch off Home Menu
Items, change the way media is accessed, perform media source redirect to a NAS sever, Transcode media.

If you have questions then head over to the Plex Forums ( If you have feature requests
or bugs, then whilst you are free to post them on the Plex Forum, you can also log them on Github (
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