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==TO DO:==

  • Access to plugin. Mostly done, but trouble getting Apple trailer to work. ALso need to look at URL arg parsing
  • Updates into PMS for resume/watched. (see below, need to understand offset calc thou)..
  • Need to add code to allow monitoring of the playing video (watched/resume), rather than just handing off to XBMC - check for ideas (only if we can update)
  • Force library view code, might get around dummy movie file to active library..
  • may as well try and get music working too
  • Is IP is localhost, then play direct from location, rather than through SMB or PMS. Might need to be option linked to IP contents
  • Add pyBounjour so no ip address needs to be entered.

==PMS watched/unwatched==

*/:/scrobble?key= [ key ]&identifier=com.plexapp.plugins.library */:/unscrobble> blah blah blah

==PMS resume==

viewoffset in XML gives byte offset. Add this to HTTP header info to request start time *to set in PMS = /:/progress?key= [ key ]identifier=com.plexapp.plugin.library&time= [ offset] *not sure how to calc the offset though....

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