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HipSnip Cookbook Development

We use this as a central place to manage the Gem dependencies, Rake tasks and development readme that's shared between our cookbooks. See below on how to get set up for working on a HipSnip cookbook, and how to run the tests for it.

What you'll need to get started

These are generic dependencies which will be shared between cookbooks

  • Ruby version manager of your choice (RVM or Rbenv). If you don't use any of those, then just make sure your Ruby version matches the one defined in .ruby-version.
  • Bundler - gem install bundler
  • Vagrant (> 1.2.1) - download here

Getting cookbook dependencies

These are mostly specific to the given cookbook repository

From the root of the cookbook repo:

bundle install
bundle exec berks install
vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf

Running tests

Offline tests

These tests do not rely on a Vagrant VM, and so they can also be run as part of a Travis CI build. To run these:

bundle exec rake cookbook:test

This will use Strainer in standalone mode to create a sandbox, and run a set of tests defined in the Strainerfile against it:

  • Syntax check using knife test
  • Linting via Foodcritic
  • Unit tests executed against a virtual chef run using ChefSpec

These checks run relatively quickly, so they can be used while iterating over changes to a cookbook.

Integration tests

These tests include all the "offline" tests from above, plus a set of integration tests run against Vagrant VMs using Test Kitchen. To run the integration tests:

bundle exec rake cookbook:full_test

NOTE: The integration tests can take a while, as Test Kitchen provisions a new Vagrant VM for each test run.

## Contributing

Just a few basic rules:

  • Always Make your changes in a feature branch, and then submit a pull request
  • When adding new features/fixes, please add tests as well (where appropriate)
  • Make sure the full integration test suite passes before you submit your changes
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