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Repo for my Front-End Driven App demos
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#An Intro to Front-End Driven App Solutions

This is the repo for my demo apps to back my talk about Front-End Driven / Static Web Apps for the April Front-End Orlando meetup.

I have chosen to show off the abilities of one Backend as a Service, Firebase, and an awesome open source project, Hoodie.

I learned how to use Firebase from Codecademy's API Track.

##How to run the various apps

  1. Make sure you have the grunt-cli and node installed on your system. If not: Grunt

  2. Then run: npm install , which should install all the grunt plugins and dependencies.

  3. Add the Hoodie command line interface to work with the hoodie app. Follow the appropriate direction here: Hoodie

  4. To start the app servers:

  • For Firebase: grunt serveFire
  • For Hoodie: cd hoodie/trooper && hoodie start
  1. If you make any edits to the sass or javascript files, make sure you're running grunt in another command line window to watch for changes and reload the page.
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