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Releases: hiqsol-attic/hiam


09 Oct 12:56
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15 Mar 14:06
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27 Oct 14:07
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  • Fixed restore password
  • Added translation to russian
  • Changed: redone with use of hiqdev/yii2-mfa
  • Added use of hidev/php-confirmator for confirmation tokens
  • Changed: redone to be generally usable
  • Changed: redone to hisite
  • Fixed signup and password reminding
  • Changed: redone with composer-config-plugin


04 May 10:57
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  • Changed: redone to hisite style
  • Removed templates to yii2-theme-adminlte
  • Changed DB dsn to connect locally
  • Fixed attributes() at User model
  • Fixed LoginForm to get user with configured identityClass
  • Fixed ./yii to work, migration got working
  • Changed configuring
  • Removed WindowsLive login
  • Changed: renamed table hi3a_remote_user -> hiam_remote_user
  • Fixed requires
  • Added use of yii2-asset-icheck
  • Added use of plugin/theme/menu managers
  • Changed to yii2-extension
  • Fixed assets and theme
  • Changed: renamed to hiam-core, moved to src and turned to yii2-extension
  • Fixed google social button
  • Fixed: small fixes for production
  • Changed: renamed to hiam