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A simple show tracker CLI
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A simple show tracker CLI


This small tool is a CLI for API. It allows to track tv shows you follow and the episodes you didn't watch yet.


  • Lookup for shows
  • Viewing episodes titles, air dates, overview, and more
  • Marking episodes as wacthed
  • Showing episodes you didn't watch yet


$ npm install tvcl -g

tvcl uses the API. In order to use it you should get an API key and put it into THETVDB_API_KEY environment variable.


Lookup the series title:

$ tv lookup the simpsons

(you can use search alias)

Add the series to local database by id:

$ tv add {id}

List added series:

$ tv list

View the list of episodes for specified series (--wo stands for "with overview"):

$ tv view {series_id} --wo

(you can use show alias)

Mark episode as watched:

$ tv watch {epid}

Mark all episodes till the specified as watched:

$ tv watch-till {epid}

(you can use wt alias)

Show the not-watched-yet episoded:

$ tv remained

or just

$ tv
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