Check your A9 chip manufactory
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CPU Identifier.xcodeproj
CPU test

CPU Identifier

This tiny app can detect the CPU chipset of your iPhone. For iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, it can also detect the manufactory (TSMC or Samsung) of A9 chip.

The compiled (and signed) binary file that I distrubte would upload the chip model, device model and an unique id (not UDID, SN or IMEI) to my server, but it's for statistics only. Therefore, I can't identify you from these information. The statistic result is here.

How to Use

Open on your iPhone, and follow the introduction to install.


The iPhone Wiki: s8000 s8003

Ars Technica: Chipworks: Both Samsung and TSMC are making the A9 chip for Apple


MIT. Please kindly keep the credit of contributors.

About Me

I'm a iOS jailbreak tweaks developer. You can find me on my twitter @hirakujira.