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Renesas Envision Kit RX65N NES Emulator



NES (NES) emulator realized with 'Envision Kit RX65N'

Project list

  • main.cpp
  • nesemu.hpp
  • emu/* [NES Emulator ソースコード]
  • Makefile

Preparing the hardware

  • Preparing the SD card interface

  • NES (compatible) pad connection

  • Audio connection (output from DA0 and DA1, GND level is 1.65V)

  • P03_JOY_RIGHT_IRQ11 (DA0) Left 出力
  • P05_IRQ13_SW (DA1) Right 出力 ※ ファミコンの仕様でモノラル
  • Pmod (10) PB6_RXD9_PMOD_10 ---> RXD として使用
  • Pmod ( 9) PB7_TXD9_PMOD_9 ---> TXD として使用
  • RXD/TXD は 115200 Baud, 8-bits, 1-Stop, No-Parity 内部動作表示等

Prepare resources

  • Write a file in “xxx.nes” format to the SD card.

Build method

  • Make.
  • Write the nesemu.mot file.

Method of operation

  • Press the “SELECT” and “START” buttons simultaneously for about 2 seconds.
  • A menu is displayed. Select with the up and down buttons and confirm with the A button.
  • “Select NES File”, filer opens.
  • "Load State x" Load NES state (change the slot with left / right buttons 0-9)
  • "Save State x" Save NES state (change the slot with left / right buttons 0-9)
  • Reset “Reset” NES
  • Exit the "Close Menu" menu

Filer operations

  • Move the file name focus with the up and down buttons.
  • In the "xxx.nes" file, press the right button to select (game starts).
  • If it is a directory, change to that directory.
  • To go back to the directory, press the left button.
  • Press A to display file information. (Press again to return)
  • Press B to close the filer.

Monitor function via serial terminal connection

By connecting a USB serial device to SCI9, you can use the terminal software for easy operation. The following commands are supported

# help
    dir [xxx]       list current directory
    pwd             current directory path
    cd [xxx]        change current directory
    nes filename    Emulations for NES
    pause           Pause Emulation (toggle)
    reset           Reset NES Machine
    save [slot-no]  Save NES State (slot-no:0 to 9)
    load [slot-no]  Load NES State (slot-no:0 to 9)
    info            Cartrige Infomations
    call-151        Goto Monitor

With call-151, you can move to the monitor function and perform a memory dump inside the NES.

FFF8- FF FF 0C E2 20 E0 20 E0
E020- 78       SEI
E021- D8       CLD
E022- A2 4D    LDX  #$4D
E024- 9A       TXS
E025- A9 10    LDA  #$10
E027- 8D 00 20 STA  $2000
E02A- AD 02 20 LDA  $2002
E02D- 10 FB    BPL  $E02A
E02F- A2 00    LDX  #$00
E031- 8A       TXA
E032- 95 00    STA  $00,X
E034- 9D 00 02 STA  $0200,X
E037- 9D 00 06 STA  $0600,X
E03A- 9D 00 07 STA  $0700,X
E03D- E8       INX
E03E- D0 F2    BNE  $E032
E040- A2 00    LDX  #$00
E042- BD 05 01 LDA  $0105,X
E045- DD 10 E0 CMP  $E010,X
E048- D0 0B    BNE  $E055
0000- 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
$0:1 2 3 4
0000- 01 02 03 04 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00


  • Emulation is possible up to a total of programs and bitmaps of 2MBits (256K bytes).
  • Even with the same configuration, you may not be able to start up a mapper (bank switching device).
  • The function by the NES state does not seem to work correctly depending on the mapper (the mapper state cannot be saved).

Reference video




NES Emulator for G.P.L.

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