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module ControlledVisit (Info(..), getUsefulContents, isDirectory, getInfo) where
import System.Time (ClockTime(..))
import System.Directory (Permissions(..), getDirectoryContents, getPermissions, getModificationTime, )
import System.FilePath ((</>))
import Control.Monad (liftM, forM)
import Control.OldException (handle, bracket)
import System.IO (IOMode(..), hClose, hFileSize, openFile)
data Info = Info {
infoPath :: FilePath,
infoPerms :: Maybe Permissions,
infoSize :: Maybe Integer,
infoModTime :: Maybe ClockTime
} deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
traverse :: ([Info] -> [Info]) -> FilePath -> IO [Info]
traverse order path = do
names <- getUsefulContents path
contents <- mapM getInfo (path : map (path </>) names)
liftM concat $ forM (order contents) $ \info -> do
if isDirectory info && infoPath info /= path
then traverse order (infoPath info)
else return [info]
getUsefulContents :: FilePath -> IO [String]
getUsefulContents path = do
names <- getDirectoryContents path
return (filter (`notElem` [".", ".."]) names)
isDirectory :: Info -> Bool
isDirectory = maybe False searchable . infoPerms
maybeIO :: IO a -> IO (Maybe a)
maybeIO act = handle (\_ -> return Nothing) (Just `liftM` act)
getInfo :: FilePath -> IO Info
getInfo path = do
perms <- maybeIO (getPermissions path)
size <- maybeIO (bracket (openFile path ReadMode) hClose hFileSize)
modified <- maybeIO (getModificationTime path)
return (Info path perms size modified)
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