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module Glob (namesMatching) where
import System.Directory (doesDirectoryExist,
import System.FilePath (dropTrailingPathSeparator, splitFileName, (</>))
import Control.OldException (handle)
import Control.Monad (forM)
import GlobRegex (matchesGlob)
isPattern :: String -> Bool
isPattern = any (`elem` "[*?")
namesMatching :: String -> IO [String]
namesMatching pat
| not (isPattern pat) =
do exists <- doesNameExist pat
return (if exists then [pat] else [])
| otherwise =
case splitFileName pat of
("", baseName) -> do
curDir <- getCurrentDirectory
listMatches curDir baseName
(dirName, baseName) -> do
dirs <- if isPattern dirName
then namesMatching (dropTrailingPathSeparator dirName)
else return [dirName]
let listDir = if isPattern baseName
then listMatches
else listPlain
pathNames <- forM dirs $ \dir -> do
baseNames <- listDir dir baseName
return (map (dir </>) baseNames)
return (concat pathNames)
listMatches :: FilePath -> String -> IO [String]
listMatches dirName pat = do
dirName' <- if null dirName
then getCurrentDirectory
else return dirName
handle (const (return [])) $ do
names <- getDirectoryContents dirName'
let names' = if isHidden pat
then filter isHidden names
else filter (not . isHidden) names
return (filter (`matchesGlob` pat) names')
where isHidden ('.':_) = True
isHidden _ = False
listPlain :: FilePath -> String -> IO [String]
listPlain dirName baseName = do
exists <- if null baseName then doesDirectoryExist dirName
else doesNameExist (dirName </> baseName)
return (if exists then [baseName] else [])
doesNameExist :: FilePath -> IO Bool
doesNameExist name = do
fileExists <- doesFileExist name
if fileExists then return True
else doesDirectoryExist name